Today, unexpectedly, yet in an oddly familiar way, I have felt called, quite deeply, to solitude, to quiet, to stillness, to purposely NOT “staying busy.” And this is in keeping with today being a Saturday — yet a very distinctive, special one.

In the calendar of the Christian Year, this is “Holy Saturday.” The day between Good Friday, when a momentous death occurs, and Easter Sunday, when a momentous New Life begins. I’ve always been attracted to this Day, without really knowing or being able to explain why. Something about contemplating the space and time between death and life, perhaps. Or, a strange gap, a bizarre waiting, a necessary but unnerving delay. Something happens — but nothing like what happens the day before or the day after. Just waiting, a “between time.”

All Saturdays are like this, in a way, at least in the culture I have inhabited all of this lifetime. Monday – Friday is the work or school week. Saturday and Sunday are “the weekend.” But Friday is a special day in the “regular week”: it’s the last day of work, and the first day of relaxing, releasing, changing one’s orientation — and in earlier seasons of my life, a Great Party Day! Sunday, too, is a special day in “the weekend”: it is already an anticipation of the “week to come.” And officially, it begins the New Week. So Saturday is always a “between time,” a special day.

This Saturday, though, feels quite different. Something especially tender about it. Certain “regular Saturday things” have already happened: tasks, errands, a different time to awaken from bed than on other days, etc. But Today seems sacred, tender, a comforting open space. I don’t have the same relation to this day as a “Christian Day” that I used to. In fact, it feels more sacred for being “less official,” less purposely important.

Even though there is “plenty to do,” all of it can wait. All that needs to be done, will be done. This Special Saturday, there is something remarkably resonant in the passing hours: the in-between, the waiting, the stillness, the silence. As is often the case in a sacred journey, NOT doing, NOT going anywhere (in particular), staying quiet and still, is the best way to proceed. Finding beauty in “simply being.” And allowing the beauty which is present to be more prominent to awareness and attention (sunlight shifting as the sun heads towards its setting; bird songs of various tunes proclaimed from nearby trees throughout the day; the occasional hiss of tires passing on the often-quiet street; sensing one’s breath, sweetly and silently; the pleasant sensation of smiling, and knowing happiness which is rich and ultimately indescribable . . .).

This is a Special Saturday. May we savor each Saturday that brings us such sweet stillness, and enjoy the gap, the beautiful in-between day. A Sacred and Special Time.