A poem has emerged in the past few days, in the wake of meditation and inward gazing and listening. Here it is!:

Deep pool, rich, surface trembling, yet undisturbed.
Within a cavern. Slight light, from distant moon and stars above the surface.
Deepest Dark Center, with a cord, a root,
Extending far below, deeper within than can be consciously known or seen.

Beautiful Darkness, rich gentle comforting waters,
Waters, extending far down in the space between the moist rock walls.
Waters, much arises from the depths.
Dredging up, calling, listening, receiving

Journeys over the Earth. From dwelling to dwelling.
Wanting to settle, desiring and sensing MORE.

The Cord-Root deep within, reaching the riches far below,
Connecting to the Path Ahead.
Energizing and Light for the Way.
Darkness and Light as One.